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    Product Name锛?/strong>CI-4 Diesel Engine Oil
    This product is a high-performance multi-game general-purpose internal combustion engine oil. It is made of high-refining high-index base oil and imported compounds according to the new process.
    Application range
    This product is suitable for all kinds of heavy duty supercharged diesel engines. It is also suitable for a variety of luxury passenger cars, trucks and various domestic new passenger cars and trucks imported from the United States, Japan and Europe. This product is suitable for high-power direct-injection turbocharged diesel engines of various super trucks, such as imported 154-ton and 170-ton electric trucks. This product mainly supplies multi-grade oil, which is generally used in the four seasons. However, the appropriate viscosity grade should be chosen in different areas and under different conditions. Users can provide special viscosity grades.
    Performance Characteristics
    鈼?Excellent thermal oxidative stability, excellent cleanliness and dispersion,
    鈼?nbsp;It keeps the engine clean, improves efficiency and shear stability, and extends oil change intervals.
    鈼?nbsp;Cold start and cryogenic pumping are sensitive and reliable, reducing fuel consumption.
    鈼?nbsp;Strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance extend engine life.
    鈼?nbsp;The low phosphorus content has no effect on the function of the catalytic converter.
    鈼?nbsp;Meet the ci-4 specification.
    Varieties of products: 5W-30銆?0W-30銆?5W-40銆?0W-50 grades can be provided.
    Q: Can you offer the OEM service?
    A: Sure, we can supply the product by customer requirement, with your logo, your package, all your requirement.
    Q: What鈥檚 kind for package you can offer?
    A: We can supply the oil with drum 200L, 18L, 4L, Grease for 180Kg Drum, 18kg,15kg Pail, Pouch, Can, and any available package.
    Q: What should I pay attention to when transporting products?
    A: It must be used special container for storage and transportation. The storage process needs to be waterproof, moisture-proof, and avoid dust and dirties.Automotive Oil