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    Wind power gearbox Breather DC-3 Product Introduction:
    The Breather DC-3 is an air drying filter specially developed by Senjie Filter for dry dehumidification applications such as fuel tanks and gearboxes.
    Wind power gearbox Breather DC-3 Product Characteristics:
    The exclusive mold is filtered by Senjie, which has the characteristics of good dehumidification effect, long service life and easy replacement of products.
    Wind power gearbox Breather DC-3 Product Application:
    Wind power gearbox Breather DC-3 widely used in gearboxes, hydraulic oil, oil storage tanks, transformers and other equipment, including aerospace, non-highway vehicles, food processing, petrochemical, injection molding, pharmaceutical, lubricants and fuel, power generation, metal manufacturing, papermaking , mining and steel mills and other industries. The Breather is a simple and reliable lubricant protection device. Its elastic polycarbon-based plastic housing can easily monitor the system by airflow, multi-stage filtration process, elastic structure, water vapor absorption, color indication, and fully ensure the removal of air entering the fuel tank. The moisture in the solid particles, thereby effectively protecting the environment and increasing the service life of the equipment.
    Wind power gearbox Breather DC-3 Quality Assurance:
    The inspection report and other certificates issued by the quality supervision department shall be provided with each batch of products after they leave the factory for inspection and acceptance by relevant departments.Breather price