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    Product Introduction
    The process of VOC Emission chamber to test the emission of contaminants can be summarized as below: put materials and products or their testing samples into the climate chamber, and then adjust the environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and air exchange rate inside the chamber according to condition requirements, and then take air samples at the air outlet of the chamber or from the inside of chamber, and then adopt proper methods to analyze the air sample so as to identify the main contaminants and changes of their densities with times, and finally determine the emission rate and emission features of materials and products according to the tested densities.
    Standards to comply:
    VOC Emission chamber should satisfy the following test standards:
    ISO16000-9 Indoor air — Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing — Emission test chamber method
    ASTM E1333—96
    VDA-276 Determination of VOC emitted from automotive interior products Test Chamber
    California ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2007
    *GB18580-2001″ Formaldehyde Emission of Man-made Board and Its Products”
    *GB18584-2001 “Indoor Decorating and Renovating Materials Limits of Harmful Substances in Wooden Furniture”
    *Gb18587-2001 “Indoor Decorating and Renovating Materials Releasing limitation of Harmful Substances from Carpet, Carpet Pad and Carpet Adhesive”
    *ASTM D6007-02 “Standard Test Methods for Determination of Formaldehyde Concentration in Gases Released from Wood Products with Small Scale Environmental Chamber”
    *ENV717-1 “Environmental Chamber Method for Measurement of Formaldehyde Emission of Manmade Board”
    *EN13419-1 “Determination of VOCs Release quantity of Building products Chapter One The Method for Releasing and Testing the Environmental Chamber”
    *HJ 571-2010 “Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Manmade Board and Its Products”
    *HJ 566-2010 “Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Manmade Board and Its Products”
    *ASTM D5116-97 “Standard Guide for Determination of Organic Release from Interior Materials and Products with Small Scale Environmental Chamber”
    *ASTM D6330-98 “Standard Operation for Determination of VOCs (Excluding Formaldehyde) Release from Wooden Board with Small Environmental Chamber under Specified Test Conditions”
    *ASTM D6670-01 “Standard Operation for Determination of VOCs Release from Interior Materials and Products with Full Scale Environmental Chamber”
    *ASTM E1333-96 “Standard Test Methods for Determination of Formaldehyde Concentration and Release Rate in Gases Released from Wood Products with Large Scale Environmental Chamber”
    VOC Emission Chambers in customer’s testing labs:

    Refrigerating systems:

    TECUMSEH full sealed compressor
    BOCK inverter compressor
    BITZER semi-sealed compressor
    Microcomputer controller:

    Simplewell controller
    Mitsubishi PLC

    Major users:

    VOC Emission Chamber developing history:
    In 2002, the founder of the company designed Bei Jing University 36 m 3, 1m3 VOC model and began to organize production.
    The preliminary design shows that 1m3 cabin is jacket temperature control mode, 36m3 is intake air flow temperature control and humidity control mode;
    In 2003, the temperature control mode of 36m3 chamber was improved by jackets model.
    In the year of 2009 to 2010
    1. Improved Indoor sealing structure of VOC Chamber
    2. Treat of new air cleanliness by high temperature catalytic + filtration
    3. Design high temperature cleaning up to 250 ℃ or above,Improving Heat dissipation and temperature Resistance of Inner-tank stirred Fan
    4. Redesigning VOC cabin humidity test method, using external dew point method to measure humidity
    5. Introduction of in-cabin air exchange, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure compensation and introduction of software control.
    6. Design of mass flow controller protection loop (dust and water reflux)
    7. Design the dynamic humidification mode of the double flume with humidity control, and change the dew point control humidity method to the high and low humidity air mixed control method
    In 2011, high boiling point VOC and polar compounds were found to be adsorbed on the inner wall of the VOC test chamber. Study on the method of reducing VOC adsorption on the inner wall of VOC cabin
    In 2012, the adsorption of VOC on the inner wall of stainless steel was effectively reduced by VOC tank coating treatment.
    In 2012, all sold VOC model were gradually recalled and replaced with new cabin free of charge, and the replacement completed in 2015..
    In 2015, the design of VOC large cabin segmented structure, the implementation of the large cabin inner wall coating process, began to sell large VOC chambers. China Formaldehyde And VOC Emission Chamber factory